Episode 30 - The Bingclor (4/12/19)

On the most dramatic episode of Real Human Bings yet! Colton’s shall be discussed, tripping and falling will be laughed at, and working moms will finally get a comedy they deserve! Accept this rose and listen along won’t you?

Joined by “The Bachelor” experts, first-time-long-time RHB Dimarya Funk and friend of the pod Melanie Peck, they try to explain to Jacob just what captivates them about this famous reality TV show. (Not that he needed much pushing to begin with, he was hooked within the first episode…) They break down the most dramatic season ever as well as why they love this show in the first place.

Episode 30 Cover.png

And of course, as always, our favorite part of the week, Picks of the Week. Keywords: nostalgia, hometown, cleanliness, working moms, lots of laughs. Don’t miss it!

Jacob should have brushed up beforehand! - https://www.motosport.com/blog/10-atv-riding-techniques-for-beginners
Like this show even needs more press… -https://abc.go.com/shows/the-bachelor
Seems like a worthy cause, no joke here - http://www.coltonslegacy.org/
Binging With Babish, “Garbage Plate” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjoeVwJTUTA
12 Wings in 12 Hours, “Buffalo Wings” - https://video.bonappetit.com/watch/12-types-of-buffalo-wings-in-12-hours-which-is-the-best
America’s favorite sponge! (Besides Bob) - https://scrubdaddy.com/scrub-daddy-original/
Working Moms - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6143796/