Too Smart For You - 1/25/2019 (Bing shutdown, Zuckerberg, Chinese Politics, Daddy Xi)

Once again, we smart up the joint for Too Smart For You, the podcast segment guaranteed to make dummies scratch their heads and smart people nod their heads in pretentious agreement.

This time, the smart Stephen Smart and the two (handsome) RHB hosts discuss the short but mysterious shutdown of in China, Mark Zuckerberg being equal parts weird and spineless to China, a primer of Chinese political structure, and President Xi Jingping, a true daddy whether or not he knows it.

End notes:
Bing went down, down, down to the bottom of the sea -
Mark Zuckerberg in China -
Don’t give your goat to Mark -
China’s official website which explains EVERYthing about its government (? I didn’t actually read it) -
Xi Jingping, the ultimate Daddy -

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