Episode 18 - Darren Auldenosky's 'mother!' (2/10/18)

This one's a special one just for the moms and sisters out there! Today is not just a podcast, it's a FAMCAST!

Aulden is a sole Human Bing on this one as he goes face to face with his biggest challenge yet! His mother, Stefanie! And his sister, Ella! At the same time! Listen to the Real Human Bing questions as they lead to conversations about stupid actions, pets with human appendages, and dog stories. (Mostly dog stories really, because of course why wouldn't it be that?)

Also, get Stefanie and Ella's impressions of China, including their daring exploits as they visit a tea shop, a mountain, and meet a new friend. And last but certainly not least, Picks of the Week!

Check out some art! Stefanie Denz website - http://www.stefanie-denz.com/

Episode 18 Cover.jpg