Episode 24.5 - BONUS POD! Les Bingerables (10/5/18)

Now this is how you write a musical. Andrew Lloyd Webber, eat your heart out

Episode 24.5 - Les Bings Cover.jpg

Keywords: Improv, bad, pizza, musical, Les Miserables, singing by amateurs, we will be kicked out of our apartment soon.

(I know Andrew Lloyd Webber didn’t write anything for Les Mis, he’s just an easy figure that represents Broadway, don’t @ me!)

End Notes:
Buy tix! (Stage Les Mis is fine I guess) - https://www.lesmis.com/
Don’t by tix! (How did Tom Hooper make so many bad choices?) - https://www.amazon.com/Miserables-Hugh-Jackman/dp/B00BI5IXL4