Best Movie Music? You Decide! (10/17/17)

Howdy hey! This is a follow up to Episode 12 about the "The Foreigner."

In Episode 12: There's No Crying in Football (10/17/17), Aulden mentioned that Cliff Martinez, the composer for "Drive", also did the music for "The Foreigner."

Jacob then stated his opinion that the music from "Drive" was far superior and only poopy-diaper-pants boys liked music from "The Foreigner." Then Aulden said oh yeah wanna make something of it? And Jacob responded with yeah I do! And then they got into a physical fight which was very pathetic and got cut from the episode itself. So yeah.

Since it was not solved in the ring of (dis)honorable combat, we want to pass it on to you! Our Real Human Bing nation! You can listen below to two songs, each from a different movie and vote on your choice for the best! The identity of each song will be revealed later and the loser of the argument will be forced to do something embarrassing. I dunno... Eat their hat or something? Is that something people actually do?