Episode 33.5 - Mr. Sandman, Bing me a Dream (6/12/19)

Ep 33.5 Cover

What is the best way to sleep? What is the worst way to sleep? The answer might or might not surprise you! (I don’t know man, it’s some bonus stuff that didn’t make the cut into the full episode. What else do you want??)

Just kidding! I could never be angry at you! I just haven’t been getting a restful night’s sleep. Say, maybe this episode will help! In this bonus, you’ll learn from the experts what is the optimal way to sleep. And Aulden and Jacob do their bits in it too!

Believable credible website? What do y’all think? - https://www.verywellhealth.com/best-and-worst-sleep-positions-for-health-conditions-4158271