How to Subscribe

So say you're a fan of us, maybe you heard a clip or were told about it through our viral marketing. (Which consists of us going on a street corner and yelling "Real Human Bings!" at the top of our lungs.) But maybe you're not sure how to subscribe to us on ITunes, Sticher or your favorite podcast listening app. What can you do??

Well the bad news is we're not officially on anything like ITunes, Sticher or other podcast listening apps. The good news is that it's actually pretty easy to subscribe without that happening. Can you read? Can you follow pictures? Can you copy paste? Then you can subscribe to our RSS feed! Just follow the steps below!



Open up ITunes or your favorite music listening program. Go to files ----> Subscribe to podcast. Click on it!

Step 2

A box should pop up asking you to enter an rss feed. And here is one for you to use!

Copy + paste: 

Step 3

Listen to Real Human Bings goodness! You should now receive updates as the podcast updates. Hooray!