Game Over Man!

He has one hour to play or else it's...

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Buying those games was just the first step...


REAL HUMAN BING Aulden Macqueen has over 600 games on the PC video game program Steam. And the number is only increasing! Action games? Puzzle games? Horror games? He has it all!

In order to turn the tide, he has agreed to do one hour reviews of games and give you his impressions. As a primo l33t player, Aulden is the ideal video game reviewer. His physique has evolved to fit his desk chair, his eyes have adjusted to play in dark rooms, and his mind actively pushes any other information beside video games out of his brain! You don't need better, faster, stronger when you have Aulden!

What will his crazed thoughts be? What will he think of the gameplay? Or the music? Will he play past the first hour? The questions abound! Find out the answers with this show!

(Check out the raw video footage here!)